About Belmares Law, PLLC

I founded Belmares Law, PLLC, in 2017 to focus solely on criminal defense cases in Dickson and the surrounding communities of Tennessee. I take pride in my ability to provide personal service and tenacious representation to everyone confronted with criminal charges.

My practice and upbringing are based locally, but I will defend all people charged with crimes in Tennessee, including out-of-state residents. The strength of my practice comes from my experience as a municipal judge.

My Perspective In Court Gets Results

I understand the perspective of the people involved in your case. I know what judges are looking for when considering your charges, allowing me to offer you an effective strategy in the courtroom, where it matters most. I am ready to ask the right questions about the state's case against you to ensure that you receive a fair trial from beginning to end.

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Focused On Your Rights

My entire legal career has been focused on criminal defense because I understand the importance of your individual rights in the process. As a solo practitioner, I can provide you with personal service that allows you direct access to my resources and representation.

Take advantage of my experience and knowledge in criminal defense by scheduling a free consultation. Call my Dickson office at 615-375-6932 or send an email now to book an appointment.

When we meet, I want to know the charges you are facing and your needs in defense. In exchange, I will walk you through your options and provide my guidance on how to maximize your rights through the proceedings.

Contact me today to learn more about how I can provide effective criminal defense for you. Call now: 615-375-6932.