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If you are arrested and facing drug charges, you need legal help as soon as possible. Charges of sale or cultivation of an illegal substance can carry decades in prison. At Belmares Law, PLLC, I help those confronted with drug charges in the Dickson area.

Whether you are a local resident or from out of state, I am ready to defend you. As a criminal defense attorney, I take on all drug cases, from misdemeanor possession on the streets to felony trafficking along Interstates 40 and 840 in Tennessee.

Take Action Today To Protect Your Future

The potential for steep fines and lengthy prison sentences is too high to ignore. Protect yourself today against charges related to prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and meth by calling my office at 615-375-6932 or send an email to schedule a free initial consultation.

I focus my practice as a lawyer exclusively on criminal defense and drug crimes. I am not afraid to take on the authorities in the toughest cases to defend your right to a lawful investigation and a fair trial. My persistence in negotiation and evidence gathering is designed to get you the best outcome possible for your situation.

Understand The Penalties. Protect Your Rights.

Your case is welcome at my practice. I handle charges involving:

  • Possession: Misdemeanor, maximum punishment of one year in jail and $250 fine for first offense
  • Cultivation and sale: Felony, maximum punishment of one to 60 years in jail, $5,000 to $200,000 fine
  • Hash and concentrates: Misdemeanor or felony, maximum punishment of six to 60 years in jail, $5,000 to $200,000 fine
  • Paraphernalia: Misdemeanor or felony, maximum punishment of one to six years in jail, $3,000 fine
  • Drugged driving: Misdemeanor or felony, maximum punishment of one year in jail, $3,000 to $15,000 fine and license revocation

No matter the severity of the charges you face, I am here to help. Call now at 615-375-6932 or send me an email to discuss the potential outcomes of your case.

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