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Money Laundering Can Lead To Other Charges

Money laundering is a federal crime in its own right, and it also exposes the accused to the risk of additional charges that can further complicate your case and add to your overall legal jeopardy. Since the purpose of laundering money is to hide the origin of that money from authorities, there is a strong incentive among law enforcement officers and prosecutors to dig into the defendant's finances until they discover the true origin of his or her funds.

The best way to mount a strong money laundering defense is to work with an experienced lawyer who can help you assert your rights. As your attorney, I will work to prevent authorities from conducting unnecessary or inappropriate searches and seizures of your person, your vehicle and your property.

Money Laundering And Drug Crimes

One of the most common reasons to launder money is to hide profits obtained through drug-related offenses such as manufacturing, distribution and trafficking. Because many drug crimes can be tried in either state or federal court, it is hard to predict the impact that additional charges would have on your case.

Because drug crimes are a major focus of my criminal defense practice, I have the knowledge and experience to help you form a legal strategy that addresses both money laundering and drug charges with the goal of minimizing their impact on your life.

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