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Tennessee challenged as the Midwest legalizes cannabis

With a ferry over the Ohio River and an eastbound drive on Interstate 24, it’s about 3 hours from Cave in Rock, Illinois, to Nashville. Beginning in 2020, only a 3-hour road trip will separate legal recreational marijuana from Music City USA.

Tennessee police and prosecutors are now gearing up for the imminent challenge of being that close to a legal-cannabis state.

Why do counties still elect sheriff’s, anyway?

Sheriffs have long been a part of our country's history, dating back to colonial times and our ties with England. As these law enforcement officers became embedded into our society, they transformed into an expected and accepted role within most communities.

Today, most counties across the country have a sheriff's department. The role of sheriff itself can be largely ceremonial, but the department is often responsible for enforcing the law, monitoring the jail system and processing paperwork. 

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