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Violent misdemeanors are some of the most heavily investigated and prosecuted criminal offenses in TN courts.

If you or someone you know is being investigated for a crime of violence in or around Dickson County, TN, you must do everything possible to put up an aggressive and effective criminal defense.

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer serving Dickson County, TN, that has experience handling serious criminal matters can be critical to your fight to save your freedom, reputation, relationships, and future.

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At Belmares Law, PLLC, you can retain the services of a highly qualified and seasoned trial lawyer who has TN criminal law experience defending individuals of such misdemeanors in our local area of Dickson.

Our violent crime defense lawyer serving Dickson County provides close and personalized individual attention from start to finish.

As a small, boutique criminal defense TN law firm, we can take the time to be thorough, attentive, and to provide extensive guidance and focus throughout all phases of such critical criminal cases.

We seek scientific and legal evidence to support your criminal case and can use our honed legal skills on your behalf through negotiation with prosecutors as well as in the TN courtroom before a judge and jury.

Our criminal defense firm handles the following types of violent crimes in Middle Tennessee:

Suppose you are facing accusations of a violent crime.

In that violent crimes case, your highest priority is finding experienced violent crimes lawyers who will thoroughly review your criminal case and strategically create the most vigorous defense open for you.

The prosecution may try to push you into thinking your best result will come from pleading guilty or accepting a plea deal, but our criminal defense attorneys will make sure you do not fall subject to these scare tactics.

So instead, let our legal team of aggressive defenders and expert negotiators work to get you the best result possible for your criminal case.

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What Is the Punishment for a Violent Crime in TN?

Most violent crimes are charged as felonies that carry lengthy prison sentences, fines, and probation.

The penalties are harsh and the effect on your life can include ruined personal and social relationships, difficulty finding employment or housing as well as disqualification for professional licenses or educational aid due to a permanent criminal record.

A violent crime conviction can also have immigration consequences for noncitizens.

Manslaughter Sentence in Tennessee

In Tennessee, manslaughter may be voluntary or involuntary.

Involuntary manslaughter occurs when you accidentally kill someone through recklessness, gross negligence, or by doing something illegal. Acting in a criminally negligent manner that results in another’s death is generally charged as a Class E felony, while reckless homicide is considered more serious and is charged as a Class D felony.

Vehicular homicide occurs when you kill someone with your car and is often the result of a DUI; it may be charged as a Class B or Class A felony depending on the circumstances.

Voluntary Manslaughter Sentence Tennessee

Voluntary manslaughter occurs when you kill someone in a moment of passion. It differs from murder in that it is not premeditated. It is charged as a Class C felony. Murder is the most serious of all violent crime offenses because it involves the premeditated and intentional killing of someone.

It may also occur during the commission of another crime, such as robbery, rape, burglary, kidnapping, and similar felonies.

Different Types of Murder Charges

Another definition of murder in the state involves killing someone with the use of a bomb. These types of actions are all considered to be first-degree murder.

Any type of murder that does not constitute first-degree is considered second-degree. First-degree murder carries penalties of life imprisonment either with or without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.

Second-degree murder is charged as a Class A felony punishable by 15 to 60 years in prison and fines of up to $50,000.

Discuss Your Case With An Aggressive Tested Trial Lawyer Serving Dickson TN

Attorney Belmares will thoroughly prepare your criminal defense case for trial in order to get your criminal charges/penalties reduced or your case dismissed altogether.

He has protected the rights and freedom of our clients in criminal courts, the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Our TN criminal law firm understands how to get the most favorable results in trial for our clients.

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