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Understand The Options For Your Case

When you meet with me, I will explain your rights under the law and outline potential outcomes for your case. Your rights are more important than ever after an arrest, and I am here to ensure that you feel supported throughout your case.

I have a track record of success for my clients in court because I am willing to closely examine the evidence and question every argument the state makes. My persistence has paid off for my clients through dismissals, reduction of charges and alternative sentencing.

Experienced Trial Advocacy

My trial experience has given me the knowledge to understand how the state will approach its case against you. I will use this unique perspective in your defense.

My inside knowledge of the courtroom ensures that your voice is heard, and your rights are upheld at trial. As your legal advocate, I will stand between you and the power of the law to swing the pendulum of justice in your favor.

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Whether you are from the Dickson area or live out of state, I want to understand the charges against you in the context of your current circumstances. The court will try to bring the full force of the law against you, but I am here to provide protection.

Contact me today to schedule a free initial consultation. Don't wait to protect your rights, your future and your freedom. Call me now at 615-375-6932 or send an email to book your appointment.

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